Comprehensive Sexuality Education Should Not Be Abandoned Completely

The Executive Director of GHANECare, Richard Kuunaah has indicated that the Comprehensive Sexuality Education that received bashing in the country should not be abandoned completely but aspects that are good should be implemented.

According to Richard Kuunaah, abandoning the entire Comprehensive Sexuality Education would not help the country, indicating some aspect of it could help reduce the increasing teenage pregnancy in the country.

He noted that if an aspect of the CSE that is not good for the country, it could be amended to suit what we want in the country but discarding the entire policy would not help the country.

He called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) and Ghana Health Service to collaborate and inculcate the CSE into the school curricula and expressed the hope that the two institutions would push the review of some contents of CSE policy that was impeding the implementation of the CSE in schools.

Mr Kuunaah emphasized sexual and reproductive health education remained key components in a multi-faceted approach to addressing sexuality and reproductive health needs of adolescent people.

“We can no longer hide issues relating to sexuality and reproductive health from boys and girls. They are young adults and it is necessary we open up to them to enable them understand issues better,” Mr Kuunaah added.

Mr. Mr Kuunaah noted AmplifyChange, an international non-governmental organization with its partners, Mannion Daniel Limited in the UK, is funding implementation of a- £40,000 project to empower young people access Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHRs) and safe abortion services in Upper West and Bono East Regions.

The project is to implemented by the Global Hand on Natural Environmental Care (GHANECare), is targeting to reach to 6,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 24 years, in 30 selected communities in Jirapa and Wa Central Municipalities in Upper West and Nkoranza South Municipality, and Pru West District in the Bono East Region.

He further noted that, “Advocating for the implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Policy in schools (AICSEPS)”, the 12-month project, sought to address a change in perception, attitude, social norms, stigma and discrimination against young people in accessing SRHR.”

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