Woman Kills Her Mother Because A Pastor Told Her She Is A Witch

Blessing Jimoh, the mother of four who murdered her mother based on what a pastor had apparently said to her about her mother being a witch has been explaining her stupid action.

Blessing Jimoh has been arrested by the police for killing her mother who was known as Ijeoma Odo.

Blessing who was paraded alongside other criminals said she killed her mother with a cutlass after the pastor told her that her mother is a witch and is responsible for all woes in the family.

According to the mother of four, she committed the crime while they were at the farm working at Ile-Iluji area.

She however claimed that she was mentally unstable when she did that. “It was something doing me that made me kill my mother. I am not happy with what I did. I cut her neck with a cutlass. It was a Pastor that said she was a witch and l went to beg her. My mother is from Enugu State. We have been looking for the Pastor but we have not seen him,” she said.

Source: firstnewsroom.com


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