Five Persons Killed By Police At Gomoa Fetteh

Five persons have been shot dead at Gomoa Fetteh by the Anti Armed robbery unit of the Ghana Police Service from Accra.

Sources say the armed men who were on a mission to assasinate the Chief of Gomoa Fetteh Nana Abor Attah were in a taxi can with registration number GG 3427-21.

A gun battle between the Police and the armed men led to the death of the five.

Chief of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Abor Attah said, “I was at the Palace when I heared gunshots.I initially taught it was some persons firing fire crackers only to realise it was a gun battle between police and some persons who have been sent to kill me and my abusuapanyin. We initially picked intelligence but we didnt take it serious until it happened now. But as Chief of Gomoa Fetteh I was taken through proper process ascending the throne.But I am surprised that some persons have planned to kill me.I want to thank the Police for the swift response in saving my life.”

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