Ghana Stands To Loose If Some Ghanaians Are Denied Ghana Card- Kintampo North MP


Hon Joseph Kwame Kumah, the Member of Parliament (MP), Kintampo North Constituency, has said Ghana will loose if government fails to ensure all Ghanaians will be registered onto the National Identification Authority data.

According to him, not all Ghanaians have registered for the Ghana card because across the country the government and the NIA have deliberately denied legitimate people the National Identification card.

He further stressed that government failing to ensure every Ghanaian gets the Ghana card will slow down businesses because people without Ghana card cannot do bank transactions which will have negative impact on the Ghanaian economy.

Hon Joseph Kwame Kumah tasked the government and the National Identification Authority to put together efficient measures to make sure that they enroll every Ghanaian onto the National Identification Authority database.

Speaking with the Fulani Community in Kintampo in the ceremony to enskined Chief Ledibo as their chief he indicated that, it would be wrong for any person to deny a Fulani whose ancestors have all lived in Ghana these years any form of identification as a Ghanaian.

“Another issue is about inadequate printing materials for those who even come to register for Ghana card.

Some Municipalities have registered about 1500 qualified people out of this number, only 300 printing cards are received which is very bad and there is a lot of backlog which is not helping at all, ” he added

“Some people who have not received their cards always go and come go which is becoming too much and not helping productivity.”

The Hon MP further reiterated that, “the issue and asked, what benefit is it to a nation if we deny others their identification and when those very people perpetuate crime, how would we be able to identify them? He therefore suggested it would be better to have all person captured for security reasons and for the fact that the universal usage of the Ghana Card has become important in accounting transaction purposes, SIM re-registration and voting purposes and as such, the country stands to loose greatly if some people are denied of Ghana card.”

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