Homophobic Gang Attack On Gay In Broad Day Light Around Madina Market

A group of men who are known to be fighting LGBT groups in Accra have caught and beaten up one Solomon Kuniba who has been accused of his involvement in gay.

According to the leader of the group, Malam Mutawakil, they have a list of wanted gays and Solomon is among them.

He said, “Our eyes are wide open and if we catch anyone involved in this evil act, we will kill him.”

Mr. Mawuli who has a provision shop around Madina Zongo junction was an eyewitness, he narrated how the group used wood, metals, and other harmful materials to assault the victim.

He was helpless until some of the officers who work with the municipal assembly came to his rescue. He was bleeding all over.

According to the police, he has been cautioned and given a police medical report, and has been referred to the hospital for treatment.

The victim narrated how he has to leave his family for over three months because of previous threats and assault, demanding him to show the whereabouts of his “Lover” Kevin Abafari who has been accused of initiating young people into gay.

“I got to Accra three days ago, my wife called and told me my son is not feeling well and I had no choice but to come to help her take good care of the boy,” he explained why he has to come out from hiding.

LGBT is not legal but mob justice is not advisable. We advise the various groups to hand over victims to the police, for the law to take its cause.


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