Some Heads of SHSs In Bono Region Unhappy With Food Given To Feed Students

Some Heads of Senior High Schools in the Bono Region are unhappy with the arrangement made  to provide food for their respective schools.

They are therefore urging the Minister of Education, Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum to do something about what is happening by sanctioning an investigation into what is happening.

According to some of the heads who spoke to First News on condition of anonymity for fear of victimization say the quantity of food given to them is always not enough.

“The food they always give to us is not always enough. At times you are given four bags of rice to feed the whole school. What is even more worrying is that when you are given, let’s say 10 bags of rice, they will ask you to sign against 20 bags. This is very bad. If you refuse to sign you cannot get food for your students.”

According to the heads they are surprised that schools are not allowed to feed students based on the food in their locality.

“Why cannot we be allowed to feed our students based on food in our locality as it was years ago. In the Bono Region there is abundance of yam, plantain so why are they forcing us to always feed our students with rice,” the heads quizzed.

They also noted that if the heads are allowed to feed the students based on the food available in the locality it will also build the local economy .Farmers will grow more because there will be available market for their foodstuffs.

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