I’m Committed To Providing Ease Of Access To Quality Education – Kofi Akpaloo


The founder and leader of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Percival Kofi Akpaloo,  has reaffirmed his commitment to providing ease of access to quality education to enhance equal access to growth opportunities when he becomes President.

He said the LPG Government in 2024 will provide education, the pathway to opportunities for all and would sustain programmes and initiatives through a blighting world economic situation.

“My government will not renege on its commitment to provide quality education equal opportunities for this generation. LPG will continue to intervene and make available resources for the provision of quality and free basic and secondary education.”

“Education should be a right which all of Ghana’s youth can benefit. Education is the equaliser of opportunities. I want every child to attend school, not only for what they learn from books, but for life experiences, “Kofi Akpaloo told Accra-based Eezy FM.

“I want each of them to look into the mirror and know that they can achieve everything they dream of. I want them to be confident that what they study is relevant to the world of today and of tomorrow,” he said.

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