Krachi East: Man Chops Off In-laws Hand

The Oti Police Command are on a manhunt for one Daniel Nkumdo for chopping off the hand of his brother in-law Simon Nyajanaam at Abotansu near Dormabin in the Krachi East Municipality.

Father of the victim, Ndombe Kaboja, said his In-law came to the house and wanted to take his child from their daughter (Ex wife) unlawfully which resulted to struggling between him and his brother in-law and in the process his son’s hand was chopped off.

The chopped hand of Simon Nyajanaam

Police Superintendent Samuel Aboagye of Dambai Division Police Command disclosed that the case of causing harm has been reported at Tokuroano Police Station.

Superintendent Aboagye said the victim has been taken to Worawora Government Hospital for treatment as the police is on a manhunt for Daniel Nkumdo.



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