I Will Abolish The Appointment Of Regional Ministers When I Become President -Kofi Akpaloo


The Founder and 2024 presidential candidate for the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Percival Kofi Akpaloo, has revealed that he will abolish the appointment of Regional Ministers when he becomes President.

According to him, he does see the sense in appointing Regional Ministers whiles District Chief Executives(DCE) and Mayors are appointed to run the day to day activities for the region.

He reiterated that, the numerous minsters and ministries under the ruling government is excessive and a duplication of roles.

“When I am voted as President, I will make sure I abolish the appointment of Regional Ministers because it doesn’t make sense because you have District Chief Executives(DCE) and Mayors who are already discharging the duties in the region, this is duplication of roles, “Kofi Akpaloo exclusively told Kumasi-based Pure FM.

He said, “Ghana does not need regional ministers to aid government business because Ghana is a unitary state not federal so the MMDCEs can take care of the regions with the assistance of regional coordinators to channel information to the government through the local government ministry”.

Kofi Akpaloo is confident the Ghanaian youth yearn for a radical change. “They seek a new direction and that is what the LPG is bringing to them. We are committed and very serious and promise to not disappoint any Ghanaian.”

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