Nchumuru Chiefs Urged To Unite To Bring Needed Development

The Nchumuruman Traditional Leaders’ Guild(NTLG), a newly formed organization of some Nchumuru chiefs of the Northern, Bono East and Oti Regions have called for peaceful cohesion among all Nchumuru chiefs to bring the needed development into their respective areas.

Nana Omankomonte (Tekpang), Nana Kadewure II (Dentemanso), Nana Kwaw (Cherepo) and Nana Kofi Agyagne (Zongo Macheri) and the other chiefs counted how most Nchumuru communities across the country have not seen the needed development over the years because there is disunity among the most Nchumuru chiefs.

“Today is a great day for all Chiefs of all Nchumuru communities across Oti, Northern and Bono East Regions. It’s time for all Nchumuru chiefs to come together for the unification of Nchumuruman to pave the way for our development. The United  Nchumuruman Association (UNA) is doing their best to promote peaceful coexistence among  Nchumuru chiefs and the unification of Nchumuruman. We call on all Nchumuru traditional leaders  to join the Nchumuruman Traditional Leaders’ Guild  and all Nchumurus to come in to support us with ideas, and any other way they can to move Nchumuruman forward,”  Nana Kofi Agyagne stated.

Participants at the conference

They made the appeal during the Nchumurumang Traditional Leaders’ Conference held at Chinderi in the Oti Region. The conference was organized by The Nchumurumang Traditional Leaders’ Guild (NTLG) in collaboration with the United Nchumuruan Association (UNA) with support coming from the West Africa Network for Peace Building (WANEP).

The conference was under the theme; Nchumurumang; society mobilization for our social development.

The Chairman of the United Nchumuruman Association (UNA), Ignatius Oheneba Denteh on his part added his voice to call for the unity of Nchumuruman as that is the surest way development could come to the Nchumuru communities in the Oti, Northern and Bono East Regions.

He called on all Nchumurus to get involved in building a better Nchumuruman.

The Administrator of the United Nchurumang Association (UNA) Roseta Ojawuri speaking at the programme called on  the chiefs to take the unification of Nchumuruman agenda passionately.

She urged Nchumurus to overlook regional and geographic boundaries that has divided Nchumurus and contributed to most of the challenges they have as a people and rather see themselves as one people with common goals of  building Nchumuruman to have a positive impact on national development.















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