Ghanaian Musicians Are More Talented Than Nigerian Musicians But.. – Joseph Matthew

Award-winning Ghanaian afro-gospel singer and songwriter, Joseph Matthew has finally shared reasons why Nigerians are ahead of Ghanaians in the music industry.

According to Joseph Matthew, it is not as if Nigerian musicians produce better music than Ghanaians but because of the support they get due to their population.

“Ghana is like a state in Nigeria..We have less than 40 million population as compared to Nigerians with over 300 million population..It means we are even doing well competing with them.. For us to get to the top, we do not only need good music. Left for proper music alone we can also be there because Ghanaians are even more talented than the Nigerians,” he told Okyerefour on Hot 93.9FM

The ‘Nyame Ye’ crooner disclosed that Nigerians always have an upper hand than Ghanaians because of the kind of support they show their artistes, and also their music promotion methods.

“Ghanaian artistes are always crying about money but Nigerians wouldn’t mind breaking the bank just to market their music. They really support themselves unlike Ghanaians”. he added.

Joseph Matthew whose current song ‘Blessed’ is regarded as the best Urban gospel song currently, not just in Ghana but in Africa, said making money as an artist in recent times is strategic and as such, Ghanaian musicians must be ready to invest heavily in marketing their craft.

That, according to the UK-based Ghanaian afro-gospel singer is the only way they could make returns

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