Remittances Received In Ghana Last Year Was $4.7BN – Taptap Send Director

Personal remittances received in Ghana in 2022 amounted to $4.7 billion, according to the Africa Growth Director of the company, Darryl Koku Mawutor Abraham.

Mr. Darryl Abraham in an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show indicated that the average Ghanaian who lives abroad sends about $10,000 in remittances a year.

“We don’t export much. Ghana is an import economy. The money is mainly transferred from Ghanaians living abroad. There are a lot of Ghanaians living abroad, we should encourage them to invest in the country. That way we can push the 4.7 billion to 10 billion.”

“The average Ghanian sends about $600, $700 monthly to support the family, and about $10,000 a year,” he added.

Taptap Send

Taptap Send is an app that lets people quickly send money back home to Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean at meagre prices.

Since it was launched in the summer of 2018, it has moved billions of dollars and reached hundreds of thousands of customers.

It is live in the UK, EU, US, and Canada, and supports payments into Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Zambia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, DR Congo, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Rep. Congo, Pakistan, Nepal, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mozambique, Cambodia, Haiti, Tunisia, Uganda, Lebanon, Colombia, Guatemala, Philippines, and Zimbabwe with more countries launching soon.

Credit: Citi News

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