Anthony Baidoo’s 2023 Birthday Message To The World

1.Where I stand today, I stand in the place of many young men and women across the globe who seek relevance. Who seek the right environment to make meaning out of their lives. I stand in the place of many, who are not seeking much out of life, but just the opportunity to give much. The opportunity to have a good recompense for their labour and also receive favour from their maker through decent service to nature.

2. Where I sit today, I do not sit because I am better than anyone. I do not sit because I am more meticulous and intelligent. For much more bright and graced have been swallowed in the belly of mother earth.My sitting position today is only by the magnanimity and benevolence of the Maker of the earth. Therefore, there is no place for abuse, complacency or pride because where I sit is just to hold in the trust of my maker.

3. Aside from the mercy and grace of the Almighty God, I am here today because of the men and women who have been the hand of God and His extension. People have fed me, clothed me, housed me, encouraged me, supported me, and wiped my tears. I have been taught by people, sponsored by many, inspired by people and recommended by several others. And that is why I am at least trying to make meaning out of life. There is no Anthony Baidoo without the people from diverse walks of life who have contributed independently to help make life at least useful.

4. From my biological mother, who bought me my first school uniform to start formal education at Amede (Akorabo) Presby School in Eastern Region, Ghana to my primary school teachers to my University Lecturers. From my Church leaders to my prayer partners. From my students to my business partners, this has been a whole journey of good people fronting for me each step of the way and making a positive statement for my case.

5. I know exactly where I have come from and that is why I sincerely put my body under subjection to be useful at least. I put my body in check through fasting, discipline and empower my spirit through constant prayer and subject my mind to perpetual usefulness through rigorous studies. I engage in moneymaking adventures because I need to make that money to at least be comfortable and make many others comfortable. I sometimes hold myself from engaging in wanton spending so that I save some money to help make society better. I preach because I have been saved by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to be the light of the world and help many to receive salvation.

6. In the coming years, with the help of God, I desire to make a Global impact in academia, business, leadership, and ministry in all ramifications. My vision is to make all the investments God and people have made in my life beneficial to generations. I have been given so much and so at least I must give something. 7. Thank you and God bless you to all who have made and continue to make Anthony Baidoo. This is surely a work in progress and we remain resolute and focused on executing the task with all discipline and tact with the help of GOD. Happy 360 to me, I remain ANTHONY BAIDOO Let GOD be Glorified through it all Montpellier-France, 15/02/2023



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