Queen Mother of Nkome Traditional Area Calls For An End To Teenage Pregnancy

The Queen Mother of Nkome Traditional Area, Nana Mentenso ll has called for end of teenage pregnancy in Sene East District of the Bono East Region.

Nana Mentenso ll said,the future of these girls depends on how neat they keep themselves and also focusing on their education.

She has asked the girls to take their education very seriously and task the opinion leaders to join hands to protect these children so they can be successful in future.

She said, every country’s future depends on their education and education again is the key to success so these girls need to take that seriously.

She said this after a clean up exercise organized by Achabata, an Association that was founded to champion the fight against teenage pregnancy.

The Association celebrated the International Women’s Day by cleaning up the Kajaji Community in the Sene East District of the Bono East Region to mark this year’s International Women’s Day.

She added that the Association is to give a helping hand to each other as the name of the association “Achabata” means.


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