Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi Enskinned 34Th Yagbonwura

Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I was today March 20, enskinned as the Yagbonwura of Gonja Traditional area.

The enskinment was done at a colourful ceremony at Nyange in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District of the Savannah Region.

Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I was enskinned as the 34th Yagbonwura.

The Yagbonwura will now be known and called Jira Biikunu Jewu Soale I.

As part of the tradition, the Yagbonwura stopped in Jentilpe where he was given water to drink before departing to Damongo where he will reside.

Jira Biikunu Jewu Soale I will be outdoored at the Jakpa Palace in Damongo tomorrow, March 21, 2023.

He succeeds Tuntumba Boressah who passed on in February 2023.

Credit: Citi News

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