Ghanaian Reggae Musician And Multiple Grammy Award Nominee, Rocky Dawuni Is Urging Ghanaians And Africans To Go Into Organic Farming To Ensure Food Security.

Food security is an issue that plagues many countries, especially those in Africa. Ghana, like many other African nations, faces the challenge of providing enough food to meet the needs of its growing population. Despite being an agricultural nation, Ghana still spends a considerable amount of money importing food items every year.

According to the Ghanaian Ministry of Finance, the country spent $1.9 billion in 2021 and $2 billion in 2022 on the importation of agricultural and related products. This is a significant amount of money that could be put towards other developmental projects. Organic farming has been touted as a way to reduce the need for imports and ensure food security.

Ghanaian Reggae musician and multiple Grammy award nominee, Rocky Dawuni, has been using his platform to advocate for organic farming as a solution to food insecurity in Ghana and Africa as a whole. Organic farming is a method of agriculture that relies on natural fertilizers and biological pest control instead of synthetic chemicals. Rocky believes that embracing organic farming practices will not only improve food security but also promote environmental sustainability.

He believes this is not the only solution to Africa’s food problem but  if  it is  embraced it will go a long way to ensure abundance of food.

Rocky Dawuni on his farm  Picture Credit: Cary Sullivan

According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Africa has the highest percentage of undernourished people in the world.

“My advice is that this is the future because it will help to ensure our ability to be self-sufficient and to guarantee food security in an age when we (Africa) have the fastest growing youth population in the world. This will tie into the overall argument for protection and conservation of our environment, our trees, our biodiversity, indigenous species. Protecting the environment will also boost tourism which in turn creates wealth. Organic farming promotes general health and well-being of the populace and so much more,” Rocky discloses.

Picture Credit: Cary Sullivan

Rocky is a strong advocate for organic farming in Ghana and is investing heavily in it.

“Currently I am growing coconuts, mangos, cocoa, okra, corn, tomatoes and plan to grow much more. I am working on promotion food-based reforestation by planting of food trees such as breadfruit, ackee, mango and coconuts. I also have small organic home gardens for the household needs.”

Rocky’s belief is that agriculture has always been the foundation blocks for every form of development and prosperity. He notes that the decline in productivity in Ghana is due to a lack of innovation in traditional agricultural systems to attract the new generation.

According to him organic farming is not only beneficial for food security, but it also promotes general health and well-being. Rocky notes that the reason why he pushes for organic farming is that he believes it is clean food and non-toxic.

Rocky Dawuni with some workers of CSIR  at Bunso                  Picture Credit: Cary Sullivan

“This is crucial in a world where many people are becoming increasingly aware of the health and environmental issues associated with pesticides, weedicides, and herbicides. For example, the entire country of Mexico recently banned Glyphosate (Roundup) as well as GMO corn. This shows the growing concern for the health implications of non-organic farming.”

He added that more people in Europe and America are also embracing the need to consume organic foods and Ghana and Africa needs to take opportunity to export more organic foods.

“There are a lot of opportunities globally for organic and non-GMO foods for export as well as job creation for the teaming youth in Africa. Organic farming puts the power of self-sufficiency into the hands of the people which in the long run will ensure the resiliency of the nation.”

Africa has the fastest-growing youth population in the world, and Rocky urges African youth to embrace agriculture as a tool for now and the future.

He notes that agriculture has been seen as a non-aspirational endeavor that is only for older people. This mindset has contributed to a policy of importing a lot of food that could have easily been grown locally. The urgent need to change this mindset is critical, especially considering the economic crisis currently facing Ghana.


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