Bodies, Skeletons Retrieved From Amanase Palace

The Suhum District Police Command in the Eastern Region invaded the Amanase chief’s palace on Thursday to retrieve fresh human remains and skeletons held at the palace.

The bodies and skeletons were claimed to have been stored at the palace for two years by the Gyaasehene, Nana Addo Agyekum, who is now the regent of Amanase, after being exhumed from the royal cemetery, which has since been sold out to an investor for redevelopment.

According to DAILY GUIDE sources, the exhumed bodies included some late chiefs and certain royals of Amanase, and their presence at the palace reportedly sparked uproar in recent times when some members of the royal family discovered them.

This prompted the Suhum police, led by the Crime Officer, ASP Yeboah Oscar, to storm the palace to retrieve the bodies and skeletons after arresting the Gyaasehene, who was later made to write a statement on the matter.

After minutes of back and forth with the Gyaasehene and some of his sub-chiefs, the door to the room, where the exhumed bodies had been packed, was forcibly opened before the human remains were repacked into six ‘Ghana must go’ bags, amidst performance of some rituals.

The Gyaasehene, Obenfo Addo Agyekum told the media the bodies were exhumed after the cemetery was sold to an investor, adding that a community durbar was held prior to the exhumation.

He claimed that the exhumation was done to clear the way for the investor to develop the area, and that they required land to rebury the dead but were unable to obtain it.

Addo Agyekum, the proprietor of Titi-Atenpong Herbal Centre, stated that they had two fresh bodies that they took to Suhum Government Hospital, but they were only able to bury one of them; the other is still at the morgue.

Meanwhile, some reports indicated that the late Nifahene and one Oheneba’s corpses were also being kept in a particular room at the blind side of Amanase’s chief, Osaberima Asamoah Asare I, who is still alive but unable to carry out his duties due to his advanced age.

According to the insider, the chief has been having strange nightmares and hearing the sound of drums beating at night.

Credit: Daily Guide



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