Malaysian Parents Gift 5-Year-Old Daughter A Mercedes As Motivation To Attend School

A Malaysian couple gifted their five-year-old daughter a luxury SUV car to motivate her to go to school.

Entrepreneur Farhana Zahra said that her five-year-old daughter Fatima stopped going to school in January after falling sick.

Farhana wanted to motivate her daughter to go to school and asked her what gift she wanted for her upcoming birthday.

The five-year-old told her mother that she wanted either a BMW or a Mercedes G Wagon.

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Farhana made Fatima promise that she would attend school if she got a Mercedes G Wagon. The deal was sealed with a pinky promise.

The luxury was recently delivered at a party. In a viral video, a blindfolded Fatima is seen guided by her parents to her surprise birthday gift.

The girl promised her parents that she will go to school and study to become a doctor as her wish was fulfilled.






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