Safari Valley Eco Resort, A Place To Visit

Safari Valley Eco Resort is a 4-star forest-lodge resort, set in a vast valley located 65km from Accra. Ultimately, this brand seeks to replicate God’s handiwork in the biblical Eden here in the serene natural valleys at Adukrom-Akuapem in the Okere District in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

It provides accommodation (with private pools), recreational and restaurant services and specializes in conferences, day visits, weddings and honeymoons, and birthday celebrations.

The mastermind behind this idea envisioned a situation where he could creatively and positively enhance natural environments through scientific and technological interventions whilst keeping the natural environment intact and attractive.

The objective is to create a hospitality brand that mimics nature and, through this, aim at bringing people and animals closer into common existence and understanding.

Safari Valley is committed to sustainable development and respecting the local community and environment in which we operate. We have strategically planned initiatives, including our strategy to make Safari Valley energy independent (no more diesel generators!).

The solar panels, bio-digesters and the waste water recycling plants on the premises play a key role in the push for the resort to be powered completely by renewables.

Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most common questions people ask us when booking a stay at Safari Valley. The average monthly temperature at the resort ranges from highs of around 30 degrees Celsius, with a precipitation of 33%, humidity of 64% and wind range of about 16km/h. In short, it’s hot and humid when it needs to be, but pretty cool all year round! Regardless of when you plan your visit to Safari Valley, you can expect the weather to be warm and pleasant, with the months from May to June generally being somewhat wetter than the rest of the year.

The resort boasts of over 60 species of both indigenous and introduced birds making it a bird watching destination. Indigenous species include the blue-bellied roller, African Pied Hornbill, Northern Red Bishop as well as introduced species such as the West African Crowned Crane, Silver Pheasants, Emus. Mandarin Ducks etc. Indigenous mammal species include Genet Cats, Tree Hyrax and introduced species consists of Sable Antelopes, Llamas, Wallabies, Fallow Deer, Patagonian Maras, etc.

At Safari Valley, you will see a stunning array of wildlife during your stay, from gazelles to impalas to zebras to donkeys to antelopes and a lot more! Don’t be surprised or scared when you see these guys, you will definitely fall in love with their friendly nature. Their plumage is absolutely fantastic to look at. Our friendly team will be delighted to introduce you too, and arrange a feeding time that you’re welcome to attend.

With a total land area of 600 acres, Safari Valley Resort boasts an ambience of serenity void of noise and air pollutants. It hosts a variety of indigenous and exotic tree species, lawn cover of over 250 acres of landscape, ponds, aquariums, a natural waterfall, man-made water canal spanning over 400 meters, 26 bore holes with modern filtration and purification technology, electric transportation system throughout the resort and solar lights.











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