Women’s Football: Coach Kubli In Police Grip For Assaulting Female Referee

Coach Iddrisu Suheiru Napari, also known as Kubli, who attacked a female referee during a football match in Tamale, has turned himself into the Northern Regional Police Headquarters after being on the run.

He has been officially arrested and will face prosecution for his actions.

The incident occurred during a Women’s Division 1B League match between Tiyumbu Ladies FC and Soccer Missionaries Ladies at Game Centre 3 on Saturday, June 17, 2023.

Referee, Abdul Rahman Sakina Nasara ended at the Tamale Technical University Hospital after the assault from the male coach.

She has subsequently been discharged.

Additionally, Mr. Napari has been relieved of his positions as Assistant Treasurer in the Executive Committee of the Northern Regional Women’s Football Clubs Association and as Chairperson of the Women’s Football Committee in the Sagnarigu Municipal Football Association.

These decisions were taken in order to protect the reputation of the associations and maintain confidence in women’s football.

The Northern Region Football Association has further indicated it will issue appropriate football charges to Coach Napari and his club for their responses and for the Disciplinary Committee to adjudicate the case.

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