9 Fishermen Missing At High Seas

Fishermen in Takoradi, a coastal district in the Western region, are gripped with fear as a canoe carrying nine crew members has vanished at high seas.

On June 27, 2023, the crew members embarked on their voyage but have not returned since then, causing great distress to their families and friends.

Reports indicate that the fishermen lost contact with their colleagues shortly after setting sail. Despite extensive efforts, all nine crew members remain missing, intensifying the concerns for their well-being.

In an interview with the media, Kwame Tawiah, the owner of the boat, disclosed that the crew members departed from the Ngyirasia fishing harbour with the intention of reaching the Half Assini area. However, they have not made it back.

He shared that they have sought assistance from the police and are hopeful that the missing crew will be located and reunited with their loved ones soon.

Mr. Tawiah further revealed that the missing crew made a brief call to him on the morning of July 7, confirming that they were alive but stranded due to insufficient fuel. Unfortunately, their phone connection abruptly ended, and their current whereabouts are unknown.

In an effort to locate the missing fishermen, six additional boats have been dispatched for search and rescue operations. Additionally, MTN has been alerted to aid in tracking their last known location.

As the situation remains tense, the search efforts for the missing crew members persist, with hopes and prayers for their safe return.

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