I Use Common Fund To Buy Khebab For Your Mother and Father- NDC MP Barks

The incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Okaikoi North constituency in the Greater Accra region, Theresa Lardi Awuni, has descended heavily on another party faithful.

This was when the party member who happens to be a Branch Executive in the constituency ‘made the mistake’ of asking her what she uses her part of the MP’s Common Fund for or to do on a WhatsApp platform as narrated by the MP herself in a video which has since gone viral on social media.

In the said video a copy of which is in the possession of Daily Guide Network, Theresa Lardi Awuni, is seen addressing a meeting obviously made up of some members of the NDC speaking Twi and translated into English saying, “there is a Branch Executive here in this constituency; two days ago he came to write on the platform ‘what does the MP do with her Common Fund?’”

The 44-year -old MP from Winkongo in the Upper East region seems to have been provoked by the question and burst out in anger with a retort “I use the money to buy Khebab for your mother and father.”

One would have thought this comment by the MP would have provoked some anger or resentment.

Rather, it attracted spontaneous applause from some party members present, with some male voices also overheard saying in Twi “yɛbɛ bo no”, to wit “we will beat him.”

It was later that she had cause to explain to the gathering how she expends her part of the MP’s Common Fund and that she uses it to help people who have problems like Assembly members.

Her comments have come as a shock to many who have seen the video considering that she is a woman and not expected to use such intemperate language and also an MP who is considered and addressed as ‘honourable’.

Credit: Daily Guide

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