In Ghana’s Presidential Race, Clarity vs. Confusion: Mahama and Bawumia Go Head-to-Head

In Ghana’s political arena, the scene is set for a showdown between two key players: Former President Mahama and Dr. Bawumia. But the way these two are moving tells quite the different stories.


Mahama, since being named the NDC’s flagbearer for the 2024 elections a year ago, seems to be dragging his feet. You’d think a serious opposition leader would patch things up with his party mates, set up a team to craft his campaign plans, and pick a right-hand person fast. But Mahama hasn’t ticked off any of these boxes yet.


Now, take a look at Dr. Bawumia. In just about about 70 days since his election, he’s hit the ground running. He’s put forward what he calls “70 Bold Solutions for the Future,” which have won him praise from different corners – from business folks to economists. And he’s not stopping there. He’s already named his campaign crew and expanded his policy team. That’s some speed.


Mahama’s latest idea, a 24-hour economy to tackle joblessness, sounds good on paper. But when pressed for details, his team’s explanations fall flat. And just when folks online started asking him to spell out his vision, he suddenly changes gears to pick his running mate. It’s got people wondering if he’s playing catch-up to Bawumia or if he’s just lost his way.


Some folks see Mahama as a viable alternative. But for others, Bawumia is the real deal – a guy who’s got his act together and wants to push Ghana forward. They say Mahama’s dilly-dallying, lack of direction, and poor planning make him unfit to lead. Bawumia, on the other hand, seems like the kind of guy we can trust to steer the ship right.


So, as we head into the elections, we Ghanaians have got a big decision to make. Do we stick with the same old indecisiveness and confusion, or do we go for someone who’s got a clear plan and the drive to see it through? It’s up to us to weigh our options carefully and pick the leader who can set Ghana on the path to a brighter future.

Source:Citizen Akoto, Ahafo

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