Apesokubi:CEO Of City Xtra Limited Celebrates 50th Birthday With Widows And Orphans

The Chief Executive Officer  of City Xtra Limited, Yussif Salford,  marked his 50th birthday by celebrating with 100 widows and 50 orphans at Apesokubi in the Oti Region.

Yussif Salford handing over items to a widow

He traveled nearly 10 hours from Ara with his family and friends for the occasion.

In an interview with First News, Yussif Salford explained his motivation: “I decided to extend the gift of love I’ve enjoyed for 50 years to a community that I’m a complete stranger to. No sense of entitlement, no judgement, no strings attached. Just love.” After receiving a list of widows and orphans that exceeded his budget, he sought support from friends and family to impact the lives of those in Apesokubi.

Some of the widows

Mr. Salford, along with his family, friends, and volunteers, traveled to the community to celebrate. The day included prayer, sharing the word of God, lunch, and the distribution of groceries, farm tools, and stationary.

Rev Dr. Dorah Amissah, in her remarks, emphasized the importance of community spirit, urging unity to build communities founded on love.

One elderly widow, known as Abrewa Borga, expressed gratitude for the event’s impact, especially on young widows: “It is only God that can cause people to do what you people have done today. It’s an absolute privilege for me to see and feel so much love and happiness in one place. Thank you for sharing this moment with us.”

Source: firstnewsroom.com

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