Jakpa Palace Condemns Press conference Opposing Commissioning Of Renovated Palace

The attention of the Jakpa Palace has been drawn to a purported press release by unknown group of young men with  the above headline “Opposition to the commissioning of the Renovated Jakpa Palace.”

In a press release signed by the Secretary to His Royal Majesty Yagbonwura Bii Kunuto Jewu Soale I, Abdulai Abdul Samed, he stated that, “It is instructive to be clear on the legality and traditional jurisprudence of the said group: the group is not a registered group in any circles be it economic or social services, traditionally too it’s allien to the palace and has no traditional authority over anything.”

Abdulai Abdul Samed  noted that, “It is sad to say that in the 21st century where the youth are supposed to be engaged in viable ventures that draw development and economic growths closer to their communities, a section of the youth in Gonja Land with the slightest opportunity, want to draw the most revered traditional symbol of authority in Gonja Land, the Great Jakpa Palace to the gutters.”

Samed disclosed that, “The Jakpa Palace is home to every well meaning Ghanaian who believes in development. As the symbol that unite us as a people, acts of division, hatred, and regression must not be tolerated by anyone. Therefore the palace can no longer sit aloof and watch a section of the youth who have decided to handle matters that bother on the image of the Kingdom in any form that always bring disgrace and disappointment to the palace.”

He added that, ” Youths all over the country rally behind their leaders for a common good. The palace encourages the said youth to do same and put a permanent stop to their perpetual social media frivolities. ”

Samed said, “There is common proverb that says that one finger cannot pick a grain. The palace is not oblivious of this and will continue to engage all and sundry irrespective of religious, political and cultural affiliations to accelerate development of Gonja Land. The primary beneficiaries of a Jakpa Palace embraces any development oriented person, group or organization is the very youth, thus as a symbol that unite, all are warmly welcome to the Land and Palace ones its development and progress.”

He reveled, “No official record either on voice or print is known to the palace as the reason why the Yagbonwura is leaving in a private home. The youth has ascribe a reason, but they should remember that what an old man can see sitting, a lad would climb a tree but can’t see.”

He concluded that, ” The palace would like to send out a strong caution to any individual, group or political activists to desist from the insatiable appetite for dragging the name of the palace to the public for their parochial interests as this may be the last time such acts of gross disrespect for the palace will be tolerated.”

Source: firstnewsroom.com

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