Sampa: Jaman North Technology Center Initiative Nominated for Joynews Impact Award

The Joynews Impact Makers Award, an initiative from the Multimedia Group, has nominated the Jaman North Technology Center Initiative in Sampa, located in the Jaman North District of the Bono Region. This project has secured a spot among the top 13 Joy News Impact Makers Awards in Ghana.

Jaman North Technology Center Initiative is an initiative of the Jaman North Students Union.

Speaking on the nomination, the Project Manager of the Jaman North Technology Center Initiative, Andrew Agyenim Boateng express his joy with the nomination

Boateng emphasized that the nomination is a significant achievement for the youth in the Jaman North District and the Bono Region, as it would amplify their exposure, influence, and vision globally.

“The nomination as Joy news impact maker is a great opportunity for the Jaman North Students Union. (JANSU) to expand their relationship ties with donors, communities, politicians and the rest of the world to know what the youth can do. “

The youth of the Jaman North District have successfully rallied educators, politicians, and the entire community to establish a community ICT and library complex in Sampa. The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance education in the Bono Region and the Jaman North District, aiming to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban children.

Additionally, it seeks to empower communities to actively participate in their development. The Jaman North Technology Center is nearing completion, with 90% of the project finished, and is expected to be fully completed by September 2024, assuming all goes as planned.

This initiative by the youth of Sampa and the Jaman North District serves as an inspiration for youth in other parts of the country, showcasing a model that can be replicated in other communities.

Andrew Agyenim Boateng spoke on the project, highlighting the significance of building more libraries and ICT hubs in marginalized communities.

He noted that the management teams are currently working on their fourth ICT and library project, with ongoing work in the Brodi, Debibi, and Bodaa communities.

“The aim of this initiative is to empower Education in the Bono Region of Ghana and the Jaman North District at large. This project would help bridge the digital divide gap which has existed between the rural child and the urban child education in the country. It is also, to empower communities to participate in community development in the country.”

He also expressed gratitude to the various stakeholders who have supported the project, including the Nafana Citizens in the USA, Canada, and the UK, Suma Rural Bank PLC, Nafana Rural Bank LTD, BACCSOD Limited, Unique Susu Link Limited, Dormaa Area Teachers’ Cooperative Credit Union, the Cashew Buyers and Exporters Association, Sampa Traditional Council, educators, politicians, and the communities involved.


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