Citi TV Is Now Channel One TV

Citi TV has rebranded as Channel One TV, marking its 6th anniversary as Ghana’s leading television network.

According to management, the name change will not affect the station’s programming. Since its inception, Channel One TV has made a significant impact on many lives.

Notably, it played a crucial role in providing aid during the Akosombo spillage disaster, partnering with various organizations to offer shelter to affected individuals in Kpando and Mepe.

Additionally, the station has collaborated with the Ghana Chamber of Mines to build a health center in Mepe.

Managing Director of ChannelOne TV, Samuel Attah-Mensah, shared insights into the reasons behind the change.

“As we transition to ChannelOne TV, we are not just changing our name; we are embracing a new identity that reflects our commitment to innovation, excellence, and connecting with our audiences on a deeper level. This transformation represents a new drive to elevate our content, engage with our community in even more meaningful ways, and deliver an unparalleled viewing experience,” Attah-Mensah stated.

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