Volta Region: Storekeeper And His Driver Caught Stealing Food Items Of School

It was a spectacle at Anfoega Police Headquarters in the North Dayi District of the Volta region on Wednesday during the hours of 20:00 when luck eluded  one Christian Mane who was driving Opel Caravan with registration number GR 6243 T.

The driver Mr. Mane was chased and followed by some motor riders who got alarmed by noise from two gentlemen who are students of Sovie Technical School cringed unto the top of the car all the way to Anfoega Gblenkor.

Some of the students who spoke to the Hon District Chief Executive Mr Kudjoh Attah stated that they spotted the Storekeeper of Sovie Technical School in the Volta Region loading the vehicle with assorted food items including bags of maize, rice, gari and beans.

Other items include: 4 pieces of big size tin tomatoes,  and 2 boxes of sardine. The Dinning Hall Prefect said that he was called by the Principal of the school to mobilize some students to offload  food items which were released to the school by Buffer Stock under the Free SHS programme.

But whilst doing so, Mr Elias Tsitsiwu , the Storekeeper was instructing them to hurry up and leave the the premises. According to him, that raised their suspicion  since they’ve been observing the storekeeper on alleged stealing of their food items on several occasions, especially anytime they receive new consignments.

He indicated that, not too long, they saw a familiar taxi cap purported to have belonged to the Storekeeper parked besides the stores. Curiously, they saw that the taxi was fully loaded with the food items.

The students then rushed to report to the Principal who instructed them to blow whistle for the Cadet Corp to move the car towards his residence. However, the driver locked the car, making it difficult for them to do so.

The driver of the taxi then sped off while the daring  students also, jumped and climbed unto the top of the taxi, leaving  some of them with  various degrees of injuries.

Some of the students argued that they have been determined to arrest whoever was stealing their food because, they do see a lot of food brought in but in no time, they would be told that it gets finished and same Storekeeper would pretend and be sympathizing with them.

 “I think it’s sabotage of the FSHS policy of Nana Addo’s government. They do this then because we don’t know, we will be insulting the President”, an angry  student stated.

In response to a question posed by the DCE, the taxi driver admitted that  he has been carting such food items for the Storekeeper on many previous occasions.

Meanwhile, the duo Mr Elias Tsitsiwu and  Christian Mane have since been arrested and assisting the police in investigation while the injured students have been admitted at the Roman Catholic Hospital receiving treatments, of which, the District Chief Executive  has opted to pay for their hospital bills.

The mind-boggling question is “Who is killing the nation?”


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