54 Hotels And 10 Media Houses In Techiman To Be Drag To Court

Fifty-four (54) hotels and 10 media houses in Techiman of the Bono East Region have been arranged to face the law court in January 2022 for failing to pay their fire certificate fee.

According to the Bono East Regional Fire Service Commander, DCFO George Anim Frimpong the 54 hotels and the 10 owners of the media houses have failed to comply with the fire service rules governing fire certification.

DCFO Frimpong says the hotels and the media houses owners owed the government a huge sum of money which they have to pay at all and has therefore filed a lawsuit against them to appear in court.

He disclosed this during the launch of this year’s road safety programme by the National Road Safety Authority in Techiman.

The Regional Fire Commander, DCFO Anim Frimpong says, the LI 2249-2016 also mandates every household to have at least one fire extinguisher.

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