University of Ghana Student Drowns

A level 100 male student at the University of Ghana has died today after attempting to swim in the university’s swimming pool.

The student, whose name is yet to be disclosed drowned after he attempted to swim at a depth of 21 feet in the pool this afternoon.

Speaking to UniversNews, a National Service personnel at the university’s sports directorate stated that the victim, even after he was told to depart from that side of the pool, refused to listen and attempted to swim there which cost him his life.

“Usually, the swim instructors, If they don’t see you swimming there always, they know that you are not really good at swimming per how you kick and all and they ask you to go back. So the guy went to the 21ft and was asked to go back the first time….not knowing he went there again and the next thing they heard was that he had drowned”, he said.

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