Kete Krachi Residents Witnessed Waterspout On The Volta Lake

Some residents of Kete Krachi  in the Oti Region have witnessed what meteorologists describe as Waterspout.

The incident which occurred on the Volta Lake was captured by a Businessman, Bright Anokye.

In an interview with First News he said, “The incident occurred around 10a.m. Wednesday when it about to rain. It lasted close to 5 minutes.”

Most of the current generation have not witnessed it before and so it attracted viewers along the Lakeside Market at Kete Krachi.

Waterspout is a rotating column of water and spray formed by a whirlwind occurring over the sea or other body of water.

Waterspouts are almost always produced by a swiftly growing cumulus cloud. They may assume many shapes and often occur in a series, called a waterspout family, produced by the same upward-moving air current. Waterspouts are closely related to other atmospheric phenomena such as tornadoes, whirlwinds, and firestorms.

Modern scientific interest in waterspouts began with the appearance of a particularly large and persistent spout on August 19, 1896, off the coast of Massachusetts, where thousands of vacationers and several scientists observed it. Its height was estimated to be 1,095 metres.


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