Condemning The Incitement Of Violence: The Unacceptable Rhetoric Of General Mosquito

The recent statement made by the Chairman of the Umbrella party, General Asiedu Nketia, that they will do everything to win the 2024 General Election, even if it means sacrificing lives, is a deeply concerning and unacceptable statement. It is imperative that this type of rhetoric be strongly condemned by all members of society.
Elections are meant to be a peaceful and democratic process in which citizens can express their opinions and choose their leaders through fair and transparent means. Any suggestion of sacrificing lives for the sake of winning an election goes against the very principles of democracy and is completely unacceptable.
Such rhetoric has the potential to incite violence and harm to individuals, and it is the responsibility of the Ghana Police Service to take action to prevent any such incidents from occurring.
In order to create a peaceful and respectful environment for the election process, it is important for all political parties and leaders to refrain from making inflammatory or inciting statements. The ultimate goal of any democratic system should be to serve the interests and needs of the people, rather than prioritize the desires of a single political party or leader. It is therefore necessary for the Ghana Police Service to address this issue and ensure that all parties and leaders follow the principles of nonviolence and respect for the democratic process.
The safety and well-being of all citizens must be protected in order for the upcoming elections to be peaceful and fair.
I urge the Ghana Police Service to order the Chairman of the NDC, Mr. General Asiedu Nketia, to retract his statement and refrain from making any further inflammatory or inciting statements. It is essential that we all work together to maintain a peaceful and respectful environment for the election process, and to ensure that the democratic process is carried out in a fair and transparent manner.
Citizen Akoto
Assistant Regional Secretary, NPP*
Ahafo Region

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