Drobo: NPP Members In Jaman South Petition Party Over Register

Lawyer Daniel Korang, and some Council of Elders, Constituency Executives, polling Station Executives, Electoral Area Coordinators, and old Polling Station Executives in the Jaman South Constituency have petitioned the National Council through Lawyer Justine Frimpong Kodua  the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party over fake and fictitious Constituency Delegates Album in the Jaman South Constituency.

According to them, during the processes of the Party’s reorganisation from February last year, 2022, Jaman South Constituency was among those Constituencies which never organised its polling station Executives, Electoral Areas Coordinators, and Constituency Executives Elections.

Some Council of Elders and Constituency Executives and other Executives as well as Coordinators flatly deny that though their names are contained in a certain Album purporting to be the Jaman South Constituency Delegates’ Album there was never election or whatsoever in the Jaman South Constituency to have either elected polling station executives or electoral area coordinators let alone constituency executives.

The petitioners underscore the fact that over five thousand (5000) members of the New Patriotic Party rushed to purchase the polling station nomination forms when the party had  officially opened nominations last year in  2022 but after they had acquired the nomination forms as prospective aspirants there was no election ever in the Jaman South Constituency in accordance with the Party’s Constitution as well as the rules and regulations governing the polling station, electoral areas and the constituency elections.

According to the petitioners, there was even no vetting of the prospective aspirants for the polling station Executives after they had acquired their nomination forms and no election took place afterwards in the Jaman South Constituency and while all prospective aspirants were waiting for the vetting to take place all that they heard was that no election will come on in Jaman South Constituency and they proceeded to produce some fake and fictitious album for Jaman South Constituency without their knowledge.

The petitioners draw the attention of the National Council to the fact that because no polling station and electoral area elections took place in Jaman South Constituency, the Electoral Commission of Ghana declined invitation to supervise and conduct the Jaman South Constituency Executives election and further prevented those fictitious Constituency Executives from participating in the Bono Regional Delegates conference somewhere in 2022, last year.

The petitioners caution that in the run-up to the 2020 general elections similar events took place and their parliamentary seat slipped to the NDC where president Akufo-Addo led John Mahama over twelve thousand (12,000) votes and their parliamentary candidate led them to a huge humiliating defeat.

They therefore call on the National Executives of the New Patriotic Party that, in the supreme interest of the Party there should be fresh reorganisation processes of the Party from the polling station levels up to the Constituency level and that the Party is sharply divided just  because of some parochial interests of some political elements in the Constituency and in the Bono Region.


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