Sunon Asogli Sacks Workers For Joining Workers Union


Information available to First News is that Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Limited has sacked some workers of the company who joined the Ghana Mine Workers Union.

Recently, workers decided to join the Ghana Mine Workers Union, as constitutionally recognized and rightly deserved of them, to intervene on their behalf for better welfare and prim conditions of service.

Unfortunately, the company, through an acting local Administrator and Human Resource Manager, has terminated contracts of permanent staff who have joined the union for no reason whatsoever stated in the letter of termination of contract.

Three workers have so far been sacked according to information available to First News.

A worker who spoke to First News on condition of anonymity said,” It is simple. Workers have been asking for salary increments long overdue as when they compare the nature of work as a power plant, to other power plants, they do not even meet the market average. It could be argued that an employer decides on how much he pays his worker, but it is only fair, that considering other competitors in the same industry, a company sets its salary structure to at least, the market average.

This has not been the case of the Chinese-culture inspired Sunon Asogli Power, employees are poorly paid.”

“All workers are asking for, is an increment in salary, hence joining a union. In the plan of the Chinese, should leaders of this union, who have worked averagely 7-11 years with the company, be sacked, others would be intimidated from joining and they would continue the maltreatment.” he added.
There is uneasy calm in the company now as the workers are anxious because they do not know the next person to be sacked.

Efforts to get authorities to speak on the incident were unsuccessful.

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