ECG Disconnects Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School, Others Over Unpaid Debt

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in the Central Region as part of recouping monies owed by customers have disconnected the administration block and master’s bungalows of the Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School in Saltpond for owing an amount of GH¢316,160.

The administration and master’s bungalow of the Biriwa Secondary Technical School were also not spared as they were disconnected for failing to pay an amount of GH¢112,300.

The Mfantsiman Municipal Assembly however managed to pay GH¢20,000 out of a total amount of t GH¢26,000 owed the power distribution company.

Some shops in the Saltpond market were also disconnected.

“We went to the Biriwa Secondary Technical School, some of the master’s bungalows were owing so much. So we had to discount the master’s bungalows that were owing us. Those that we spared were those who were able to pay their bills in full. From there, we moved to the Mfantsman District Assembly. They were also owing us around  GH¢26,000 as of February 2023. They have paid GH¢20,000 today April 19, and the rest of the six thousand, they are going to pay before Thursday.”

He added “From there, we went to Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary School. The master’s bungalow was also owing, so we had to disconnect the master’s bungalow and ended up disconnecting the administration block of the Mfantsiman Girls’ Secondary. But then we are back here to the Saltpond township, market square. Most of the stores were owing, so we took them off. And we made sure that they paid in full before we reconnected them”.

According to Simon Kpabitey, the Regional Commercial Manager for the power distribution company, they have been able to mobilize GH¢64 million out of a total amount of GH¢260 million owed by customers.

He added that the exercise is aimed at recouping 50% of the total amount owed.

“For the exercise’s first four weeks, we were able to mobilise GH¢64 million which is very encouraging. Prior to that, our monthly revenue ran into eight to forty million every month. So if we are able to mobilise GH¢64 million within the first four weeks, it’s very encouraging. We need money to pay for power generators, pay our staff, buy transformers and other things so that we can serve them better,” Mr. Kpabitey added.

Credit: Citi News


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