Dambai: Businessman Appeals For Justice Following The Burning Of His Truck And Logs

A businessman based in Dambai in the Oti Region, Yakubu Salifu is calling for the arrest and prosecution of individuals who burnt his truck loaded with logs worth over 200,000 cedis at Nalerigu  in the North East Region.

The truck before it was burnt

Narrating the incident to First News, Yakubu Salifu said, “We were on our normal trip to Bawku to deliver logs to our customer so when we got to Nalerigu just around the chief’s palace area we were stopped by certain persons we even thought there were from the Forest Commission. We later realized that they were youth from the community. They asked where we were going and we told them we were going to Bawku. They told us they will not allow us to go so we should park, which we did.”

The remains of the truck after it was burnt by the youth

Salifu disclosed that ,“By the time we realized they were pouring petrol on the truck and they set it ablaze.”

According to Yakubu Salifu, though he has lodged a complaint at the Nalerigu Police Station no one has been arrested.

“We reported the incident at the police station and no one has been arrested. They told us they cannot arrest the youth who burnt the truck.”

Salifu called on the IGP George Akuffo Dampare to ensure that his men arrest the culprits and also prosecuted for what they have done.

“This is injustice. How can they burn my truck while I have not done anything to them? The police must act and bring the perpetrators to book.”

Source: firstnewsroom.com

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