I Don’t Fancy Cars But Investing In Things That Would Bring Me Money-Kwaw Kesse

Hiplife Artiste, Kwaw Kesse has disclosed that he does not fancy cars compare to some of his colleagues who cherish cars but he is rather investing in areas where he  would earn more even if he is not doing music.

Kwaw Kesse in a video post cited by First News, noted that he has regretted spending so much in buying cars the money he believes would have yielded some interest if he invested.

He noted that investing in houses are things he is thinking about now and also the future of his family.

According to Kwaw Kesse known in private life as Emmanuel Botchway, most of his fellow Musicians are thinking about today and spending their money on clothes and cars.

 “I bought land Rover for my wife expensive car in America car is nothing. I have dashed out my Mustang I don’t need those things I can buy a car anytime thanks to God. I don’t need car I need future for myself and family. I bought my first expensive car Cadillac CTS at the cost of $20,000 dollars in 2008 from Kwame Fakye. If I had invested or saved that money from 2008 right now that money would have been a lot. I bought my Mustang at $35,000 in 2013 if I have save invested in business it would have been 100s of thousands of dollars but they have all gone waste. “

He noted that he is investigating in things that is lucrative that would help him in the future.

“If you buy a house you can resell and make more money that is where we are investing now so that in the next ten years if I don’t make music I can get something to live on.”

Source: firstnewsroom.com

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