Police Discovers Intestines of Victims Of Abesim Murder Case Buried On A Cocoa Farm

The Ghana Police Service have discovered the intestines of the victims of  Abesim murder case buried on a cocoa farm at Abesim.

In a release signed by ACOP Kwesi Ofori, Acting Director General, Public Affairs states, “The intestines were buried in a cocoa farm at Abesim, which the Police have since exhumed for pathological analysis and forensic examination in Accra.

Two sharp cutlasses with bloodstains used by the suspect, Richard Appiah to commit the crime were retrieved from the scene.

The second suspect is also in the grips of the police assisting in their investigations.

The two families of Louis Agyemang 12 and Stephen Sarpong 15 and police personnel investigating the incident are receiving counselling from Clinical Psychologists.


Shocking details emerging after the arrest indicated that the first suspect, 28-year-old Richard Appiah, had human parts of one of the deceased persons in his fridge.

After reports were made to the police, they found one of the deceased cut to pieces in a fridge, whilst two other deceased persons were found in other rooms in Richard Appiah’s home.

Two of the deceased have been identified as 12-year-old Louis Agyemang Junior and Stephen Sarpong, aged 15.

The discoveries were made on Friday evening, a little after 11:00 pm.

The stepfather of one of the victims had reported that Richard Appiah had taken his son to his house, but had not returned.

He later effected a citizen’s arrest of Richard Appiah, with the help of his four brothers, according to a police report.

Source: firstnewsroom.com

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