Ahenfie Yefri Family Of Wenchi To Resists The Installation Of A New Chief And Queenmother

The Ahenfie Yefri Royal Family of Wenchi in the Bono Region has indicated that it will resist the installation of any new chief for the Wenchi Traditional Area.

According to the Ahenfie Yefre Royal Family, a chief was installed two years ago and no family has the power to install a chief for Wenchi according to tradition and customs of the area.

The family addressing a press at the Wenchi noted that they will resist any attempt to install a new Chief for the Wenchi Traditional Area.

Nana Kwasi Adjepong Manfort, the Abusuapanyin of Ahenfie Yefri Royal Family speaking on behalf of the family said, “We have learnt that they are putting things in place to install a new chief and a new queen mother. We want all and sundry to know that Nananom the queen mother of the Wenchi Traditional Area, Nana Toah Samangyeduah III has with support elders of the Wenchi, the support of the Abuapanyin of Wenchi, Ahenfie Abusuapayin and Adehyepanyin of Wenchi with the support of all the family members installed a new chief two years ago, who is Nana Anye Amoanpong Tabrako III who is alive and kicking.”

Nana Adjepong noted that the family resists any attempt to install any new chief in Wenchi, “Wenchiman is not ready to accept the installation of any new chief and we will fight it hard when it comes to that.”

He added that Wenchi has one ruling family which is the Ahenfie Yefri Royal Family.

He noted that the Safoase family has no power to install either a queen mother or a chief for the Wenchi Traditional Area.

“The dispute between Ahenfie Yefri and the Safoase family has been ranging close to 70 years. There have been several court issues on the Wenchi chieftaincy disputes and in all of them, Ahenfie Yefri family have been victorious. The Safoase family have never been accepted as royals of Wenchi. We are ready to challenge their claim that they are royals of Wenchi.”

According to the family the chieftaincy disputes in the area has retarded development and such installation should not be tolerated.

” I believe you travelled on the road, look at the state of roads in Wenchi. It’s very terrible.”

Source: firstnewsroom.com

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