Krachi: Two Children Burnt To Death At Krachi

Two children have been burnt to death at Gyanekrom Chokose in the Krachi West Municipal of the Oti Region.

According to the source, the children were three in number who were playing in a gutter after their parents left them for the market.

The children went to the gutter with fire to play with. In the act of playing with the fire, the children tried to burn some bushes in the area which resulted in burning themselves.

On returning from the market, the parents notice the absence of the children in the house. In search for them, they found two of them helpless and were rushed to hospital.

One of the children died on the spot leaving two in a critical condition and were sent to Krachi Government Hospital where one was confirmed dead hours after being admitted.

The remaining one is said to have been referred to Tamale Teaching Hospital.





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