Anny Osabutey Quizzes Why Top Heads At GWCL Continue To Receive Salaries Why Some Residents in Prampram Do Not Get Water

Journalist, Anny Osabutey is quizzing why top heads at the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) should continue to receive salaries.

According to Anny Osabutey some parts of the Prampram Community in the Greater Accra Region have not been receiving water for some weeks now, he shared his sentiments on his Facebook wall.

“Seriously don’t understand how the top heads of the Ghana Water company can justify why they should be paid salaries and bonuses, cos for 7 weeks and counting folks in certain parts of Prampram haven’t had a single drop via their tap, yet we kept hearing “oh we are working to fix the problem. You have been working for how long to resolve an issue, and how long does it take to get over it ?” Mr. Osabutey quizzed.

Mr Osabutey also indicated that not all the people would enjoy the free water extension from President Akufo-Addo,” Yesterday the President announced an extension of free water for lifeline consumers, which was well received by us, but Mr. President, not everyone of us enjoyed and will even enjoy this, cos some of us pay for the water residents around us can also fetch for their daily chores.”

He noted that the last time he wrote about the issue, the sector ministry sent 5 or so tankers and it was a gesture very much appreciated, but wonder how long they would be chafing for such tankers.

He wondered why mediocrity is always rewarded in the country, “Why do we reward mediocrity in this country like that ? Even in the face of a serious pandemic and we are being subjected to this?  Even more worrying is the silence of those within the community and seemingly hold themselves as the representatives of the people and that of the president.  This is so so annoying, to say the least.”


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