The Secrecy And Importance Of The Council Of State Elections In The Regions

Pursuant to Article 89 clause 2 (c) of the 1992 Republican Constitution of Ghana, the Electoral Commission is the sole authority to conduct election to the representation of Council of State members from the regions of Ghana.

In the said provision, only elected Assembly Members from the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies qualify to form an electoral college to choose representatives.

The Electoral Commission has set Friday, February 12, 2021 for the election of Regional Representatives to the Council of State with one hundred and two candidates vying for slots from the sixteen regions of Ghana.

While the law is not clear on modalities to be used in the selection of delegates, however, there has been established precedents or conventions at the assemblies in the selection process. Decisions regarding the process are normally taken by the General Assembly, Executive Committees or through consultation and consensus among members of the assembly.  In all the aforementioned, Presiding Members (PMs) have always been automatic members of the Electoral College.

The security threat creeping into this election is the monetization aspect of it. Some individuals and assembly members are inducing prospective voters with various sums of money to invariably vote for their choices irrespective of their ability to function as Council of State members.

The Council of State is an embodiment of knowledge which is shared with the President of the Republic in addressing national development agenda. Therefore, individuals who are voted into this august Council must have adequate technical know – how and experiences on a subject matter. It is worthy to note that the composition of the Council of State should and must not be on political tickets or made to assume the nefarious activities of “who can pay more”. If we allow these clandestine and nation wreckers machineries to transcend into the election of the Council of State, the purpose of the Council becomes meaningless in our national development.

BUSACgh calls on all prospective voters in the election to be more proactive to choosing more qualified candidates for the sole slots of the regions. The security of the state must be viewed as a national priority rather than political affiliation and interest. Ghana will surely overcome this emerging threat if we maintain the principles of One Nation. One People and One Destiny !

David Wilson Asetena-Krah

Executive Chairman & Founder

( BUSACgh )







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