Diana Hamilton’s 10 Lessons

1.MENTORING – Don’t be in a hurry to walk out of mentoring relationships. My late father as well as Francis Agyei and Madam Eunice Addison played key roles in my music career.

2.MASTERY THROUGH SERVICE – I mastered my music craft by serving as a Backing Vocalist for Francis Agyei for 10 years. He introduced me to the music industry.

3.READINESS – Like a soldier, be ready at all times. You can be called upon at any time to perform and you must consistently deliver great results.

4.FEEDBACK – My family are my greatest cheerleaders and at the same time my most candid critics. They give me honest feedback and keep my feet on the ground.

5. DIVINE ORCHESTRATION – Every stage in my life has progressively led to where I am now. If you take out any part of it, I won’t be where I am today.

6.RESPECT – Celebrate the works and achievements of others in your field. Whatever you respect, you also attract.

7. TIMING – Appreciate the principle of TIMING. It’s just a matter of time.

8.PURPOSE – The purpose of God for your life will ultimately come to pass.

9.LEARNING – As much as you learn how to do some things, also learn HOW NOT to do some things.

10.FINISHING SPIRIT – The values of integrity, excellence, truthfulness, and loyalty, will give you the anointing to finish.







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