We note with the deepest regret and consternation the comment made by the Bono East Regional Chairman of the NPP Mr Ibrahim Baba Bukari ( Chairman I. B) on the Techiman based Classic 91.9 FM today 27th June, 2022 to wit “You are my biggest enemy if you don’t support my political party”

We in the LPG wish to state that we deem such utterances from people of the calibre of a Regional Chairman of the ruling party unfortunate and in the realms of bigotry of the highest order that should be condemned by all peace-loving persons within and without the Region.

We state that Bono East as one of the newest Regions in Ghana is the most cosmopolitan of all the Regions. Bono East is probably the most ethnically varied but surprisingly the most accommodating and peaceful Regions in Ghana.

Chairman IB should be the last person to whip up sentiments of hatred amongst the people. He should rather be preaching healing and love especially after the wounds his party inflicted on families who lost loved ones in the last election are fresh in the minds of the people.

Chairman IB should be reminded that all political parties especially parties in government should uphold the principles of our Constitution that has made our country so peaceful thus far. He must not forget that he was not treated as an enemy when his government was in opposition. In the true spirit of the Constitution I recall that he was rewarded for his hard work and undertook a lot of contracts under the NDC government. He was not seen as an enemy though his political affiliation was known.

We were also appalled by chairman IBs claim that some individuals are crossing carpet to join his party. We see that as propaganda hence his inability to mention names of these phantom defectors.

Though we doubt that anyone in the Ghana we live in now would join NPP of his or her freewill we think that if it is true those people would be looking for a way out today after hearing the divisive pronouncements from their new chairman.

We of the LPG want to remind all that we value the peaceful coexistence of all persons and advice all well-meaning Ghanaians to join forces with us to build a Ghana based on love and respect for each other’s inalienable right of choice.


Mr Karl Opoku

Regional chairman( LPG)


024 108 2647

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