Yeji: Group Debunks Allegations Against DCE

A group of executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Pru East District of the Bono East Region have debunked allegations made by a section of the executives of the party that the activities of the District Chief Executive, Alhaji Adams Abdulaih is collapsing the party.

The group made up of six executives of the party include; Gyarcham Dickson, Assistant secretary, Siame Kelvin Kwabla, Youth organizer, Alhassan Osman, Nassara Coordinator, Masoud Kasim, Organizer, Asare Boffour Owusu ,2nd vice Chairman and  Hariat Habib Deputy Youth Organizer.

The group in a rejoinder stated that, “Without fear of contradictions and ambiguity, we would like to place on records that the allegations levelled against Hon. Alhaji Abdulai Adams are baseless, frivolous, thoughtless, ill-considered and tantamount to superfluous.”

It also noted that,” The constitution of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) states categorically clear that, the D.C.E is part of the constituency executive committee but surprisingly D.C.E was never invited in any of our meetings with reasons known best to the petitioners and attempt correct this act of disrespect against the party constitution proved fiasco. How many times did we invite the Hon. D.C.E to our meetings to brief us on matters of importance from the government side or from the District Assembly?”

The group further added that, “Hon Alhaji Abdulai Adams, has an excellent working relationship with Nananom, Assembly Members, Media, Electoral Area Coordinators, Polling Station Executives, and the Grassroots. The petitioners must learn to be realistic and truthful to themselves and stop being mischievous and diabolic. Our advice to Mr. Haruna Mohammed Ewura (Secretary) is that, it is God who enstools and distools so his desperation to become DCE at all cost is neither here nor there and must desist from levelling unfounded and flimsy charges against Hon. Alhaji Abdulai Adams just because of a false promise to make him the D.C.E. “The evil that men do lives after them”. “A word to a wise person is enough.”

“We, the undersigned, of this rejoinder want to state emphatically that the petition lacks substance and must be disregarded. We have no knowledge about these allegations levelled against Hon. Alhaji Abdulai Adams with regards to not attending funeral (Adoa), functions etc. It is surprising and disheartening to hear this. The good people of Pru East can testify even though he has a tight working schedule. The award of contract to PRINSAPP is not news because the former D.C.E worked with PRINSAPP and it is not a crime working with him. Which party does PRINSAPP belong to? So the petitioners must tell us? The furnishing in the new Assembly block with curtains was awarded to Madam Theresa Benchi and what about that?,the group stated.

The six executives describe as childish that the DCE campaigned against the party’s candidate in the 2020 elections.

“It is completely childish to allude to the fact that Hon. Alhaji Adams campaigned against Hon. Abonkra and what evidence have the petitioners got to show, especially chairman Apeh.”


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