Five Western Togoland Members Jailed Five Years Each

The five persons convicted in connection with the activities of the Western Togoland foundation group have been handed the maximum sentence of five years each in prison with hard labour.

The five were convicted last week after more than a year of trial for offences of attending meetings of a prohibited organization, contributing to activities of a prohibited organization and being a prohibited organization.

The convicts were arrested in 2018 as part of members of the Western Togoland Foundation who attacked a police station at Aveyime, freed inmates, stole ammunition, blocked roads leading to the Volta Region and shot a police officer.

Prior to the sentencing, counsel for the convicts in his mitigating prayer urged the court to consider the fact that the convicts have been in custody for more than two years for the entire duration of the trial, the fact that they are first-time offenders and also are of youthful age before sentencing.

But the prosecution prayed the court to give a harsher sentence which will deter other persons standing trial and harbouring plots of engaging in similar acts.

The judge considering the arguments noted that the actions of the convicts are premeditated and aggravated hence the maximum sentence of five years should apply.

Credit: Citi News

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