Trapped In Abundance

Scarcity mindset has created an insidious accumulation culture deep inside the average person in society today. It’s an odyssey of enslavement to money, and Africa dominates in this gluttony, where money is an end, and not a means.

It is time for a shift in mindset. We must break free from the chains of scarcity and accumulation. Africa’s wealth should be a source of empowerment and progress, not a burden that chokes its people.

Let us embrace an abundance mentality, recognizing that there is enough for everyone if we work together. “You or me” mentality only creates scenarios where someone must win at the expense of community.

That’s a shrinking mindset, and we are on a “crush-course” to squeeze life out of each other. We have the power to create a society that uplifts all its members, where each individual’s well-being is intertwined with the collective good. It is not about “you or me”, but rather “you and me”, united in a common goal of building a better future for all.

Let us rise above greed and selfishness, and strive for a world where compassion and collaboration reign supreme. A life lived beyond and above self, expands the human potential to attain true freedom and community fulfillment at levels that boosts civic pride.

The time is now for Africa to awaken and chart a new path towards prosperity and harmony. Let money be a tool, and not the solution. You or me is the cancer that is eating up a beacon.

Ama Ghana wake up!! Your children are trapped under the weight of abundant inheritance.  Random thoughts!

Yussif Salford,

CEO City Xtra Limited


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