Separatism And Its Effects On Our Nationhood

According to the Politological encyclopaedia dictionary, (1997), “Separatism is the movement for territorial secession of a part of a country with the purpose of the formation a new state or receding a certain degree of autonomy as for language, religion and national issues.”

In the evolution of states in contemporary politics, the modern system of sovereign states was characterized by the Westphalia Peace Accord of 1648 and had its basic foundation on territorial integrity of states.

One of the most volatile and dangerous global insecurity affecting world peace is the emergence of political separatism. The devastating effects of this efflorescence are classified into internal and external consequences. Within the internal sphere, separatism becomes a bedrock for the expression of ethnic identity and so – called social regeneration. Externally, separatism provides a conduit for international conflict on a large scale and also enhances the establishment of arms trade across the borders illegally. 

There are many reasons that can be attributed to the beginning of separatist movements. According to K. Boyle and P. Englebert, 2006, in their book “The Primacy of Politics in Separatist Dynamics”, ‘separatism today is the reaction as for political conditions than the manifestation of cultural differences or exploitation of economic opportunities’.

The several claims made by the Homeland study group in pursuance of receding from Ghana and launching their attacks on some state infrastructure are baseless, unconstitutional, illegal and therefore a treasonable  offence. Ghana as a country has not abandon the Volta region in terms of national development. Currently, the region has its fair share of the national cake with the establishment of the University of Health and Allied Sciences in Ho by the Atta Mills government, Modern Sports Facility by the Akufo -Addo government, a modern airport and a host of social, political and economic infrastructure. The territory of Ghana is incontestable and uncompromised. This is in pursuance of Section 1 of the 1957 Ghana Independence Act ( the legislation by which Britain granted independence) identifies the new independent  territory as the Gold Coast as identified in and for the purpose of the Gold Coast(constitution) Order-in-Council, 1954; Section 1 (1) of this Order-in Council defined the ‘Gold Coast as the Gold Coast colony, Ashanti and the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast;  and for the purposes of this order references to the Gold Coast shall be construed as including Togoland under United Kingdom Trusteeship.’

From this historical fact I pause to ask the rationale behind the intent of the Homeland study group. 

1. What triggers the separatist action and violence?

2. Why do they want to secede from Ghana?

3. What are their political and economic? Consequences of these attempts? 

4. Is ethnicity the major reason of their action?

It is worthy to note that, the enclave in question is made up of diverse ethnic groups from different geopolitical locations. It consist of Guan, Mole-Dagbani, Akan and Ewe. Therefore, one particular ethnic group cannot lay claim to a monopoly of territory. It is on this backdrop that government should not relent on  its efforts to secure the frontiers of Ghana and launch a formidable attacks on  these elements to forestall the peace, unitary state of Ghana and the confidence in the people. The insignificant minority of troublemakers cannot be entertained in this era of global peace and security. Though there is no well-established theory of secessionism, Ghana, our dear nation is a Sovereign State and has the mandate to secure our territorial integrity and nationhood!

BUSACgh reminds our compatriots to recognise that their actions and activities can develop into civil war with a high level of genocide and insecurity in the country. It can also degenerate into a complex and multiaspect ethnic phenomenon which has the tendency to erase the security and sovereignty of our country. Ghana is the only country we have. Let’s protect lives, properties and our national identity as one nation, one People and One Destiny*! 

Long live Ghana!!!

David Wilson Asetena-Krah 

Executive Chairman  & Founder 


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