‘LPG Will Invest More In Sports’- Kofi Akpaloo


Flagbearer and founder of the Liberal Party of Ghana, Kofi Akpaloo says he intends investing in sports and unearthing sport talents to create 46,000 jobs throughout the country if voted into power in the 2024 general elections.

According to him, his government will invest 1.6billion Ghana cedis annually and make sure they build sports infrastructures across the country.

Kofi Akpaloo says it will invest massively in sports through the development of infrastructure and talent development to position sports as a viable business venture to keep the youth employed.

He added: “We [the LPG government] are going to make sure that we have the facilities for sports development. “There are several regions in this country that do not have sports stadia and Kofi Akpaloo has made the pledge that he will build eleven new stadia across the country if voted into power, ” Kofi Akpaloo exclusively told Accra-based Kingdom FM

“Sports is huge business and has a multiple effect on the socio-economic dynamics of the country; when the right approach is adopted, sports can make a meaningful impact and that is what the LPG intends to do,” He said the LPG would extend the Youth Employment Authority (YEA) module to sports where sports clubs and football clubs in particular would be encouraged to recuit sportsmen and sportswomen, who would be paid by the module as was being done in other sectors.

“Youth, sports and education are inseperable. and the LPG will ensure that the necessary bridges are built to ensure that strong link is built. Sports is equally important as agriculture and the other modules being promoted by the YEA and there are so many youth who could be engaged when a similar module is adopted for sports,”Kofi Akpaloo explained

“The LPG will, in partnership with the private sector, establish colleges for academic and professional studies in sports, invest in equipment, technical manpower development and provide incentive for talented sportsmen and sportswomen to pursue higher education, all in a bid to improve upon the dwindling fortunes of sports in Ghana”, he declared.

Source: Richard Obeng Bediako/

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