Second Phase of COVID-19 Outbreak

The phase 2 of the deadly global pandemic is devastating and its attendant consequence on humanity is enormous. The world is already plagued with challenges of insecurity, inter and intra- tribal conflicts, upsurge of terrorist activities, electoral disputes and a countless number of incidents. These circumstances have greatly affected the socio-political and economic development of countries and regions of the world.

In Ghana, acts of targeted violence against state infrastructures and individual properties are a real potentially growing security problem and any decision by the government to lock down some part of the country again must foremost be considered on security guide than the usual political powers.

The concept of security is redefined to include not only national security but also a clear focus on the safety and well – being of its people. The recognition that national development and security are inextricably linked is enabling security to be viewed as a public policy and governance issue. In a democratically run electoral system, accountable and efficient security systems enhance national development.

As the Nation can seldom predict the reaction from either side of the main two major political parties especially after the Supreme Court declaration, there is the need to scrutinize carefully any decision by the government to consider the second lockdown in the country.

To better understand the nature of security threats like random arson, vulnerable child trafficking, and other terrorist acts especially in the period of the lockdown, recent case studies directly inform the needed security noteworthy trends and other important considerations.

In these difficult times of considering a second lockdown to halt the spread of the pandemic (COVID -19), the Bureau of Security Advocacy & Consultancy ( BUSACgh ) is urging government  to have a more human-centred response in terms of reliefs to the poor and vulnerable in society which is anchored in global solidarity.  It must be noted that the virus has come to stay and destabilised the healthcare systems globally.

Countries with the weakest health systems stand huge challenges in all these aspects and as a result they are overwhelmingly faced with the demand for services generated from the pandemic. BUSACgh also admonishes all Ghanaians to desist from making unnecessary commentaries on the proceedings of the Supreme Court in relation to the on-going electoral impasse. Our collective security and stability is paramount as a nation and we must be seen as protecting it for posterity!







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